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'Beam Mouth'

Updated: Mar 26

‘Beam Mouth’, Linocut, 41.5cmx29.5cm, Edition of 50. This is the picture for the Dagenham-themed show at Valence House Museum, organised by Katja Rosenberg, running 8th April to 3rd June 2023. The mouth of the Beam river is on the Ford Dagenham site and not accessible to the public. While on a Thames Clipper ride I went past it and this picture is based on the view. The river mouth is channelled through three large pipes and surrounded on either side by Ford buildings, flood lights and a wind turbine. Blocks of flats for the new Beam Park housing schemes are visible in the background. A landscape of Dagenham’s industrial heritage, hidden corners and evolving future. Hopefully one day the path will be opened to the public all the way down to the mouth.

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