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Work in Progress

One of my current projects: 'Park Life'. I'm planning a screenprint and linocut. The East London Printmakers studio is closed for now with Covid 19 so currently limited to a linocut printed at home. 

Rory Brooke Park Life sketch.jpg

'Park Life' sketch, 28th March 2020. The idea for this project came before Covid 19 lock down and I was originally thinking of having some more figures in the composition.

Rory Brooke Park Life Photoshop Sketch.j

'Park Life' Photoshop sketch, 11th April 2020.

Rory Brooke Parklife Lino Draft.jpg

'Park Life' Draft linocut, 25th April 2020.

Rory Brooke Park Life Lino small.jpg

'Park Life', Linocut, 2nd May 2020.

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