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Spaghetti Junction Series

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An enormous medieval motorway cathedral crypt

Streetlights glow and hang, globes in the blue night sky

Their orange-yellow sodium light soaking into concrete structures

The bowels of the city

Towering, tangled guts

Distant rumbles of invisible effluents

On their anonymous metropolitan journeys.


Rory Brooke, Motorway VI.jpg
Rory Brooke, Motorway VII.jpg
Rory Brooke, Motorway VII Sketch
Rory Brooke, Motorway VIII Screenprint.jpg
Rory Brooke, Motorway III.jpg
Rory Brooke, Motorway II Etching.jpg
Rory Brooke, Motorway IV Linocut.jpg
Rory Brooke, Motorway I.jpg

A Little Story: Arrested Under the Prevention of Terrorism Act

While sketching for these prints at night beneath Spaghetti Junction I was arrested by the police under the Prevention of Terrorism Act. They questioned me for several hours at the local police station and finally released me when I took them home and showed them my prints. I invited the detective inspector to my show but he didn't come.

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