Moseley Life

My local pub, the Trafalgar, used to have an easy listening night on Sundays

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Rory Brooke, Traf Trip A
Rory Brooke, Traf Trip B
Rory Brooke, Traft Tip C
Rory Brooke, East Listening
Rory Brooke, Sleeping Woman

A Little Story: Shot of Salad Dressing

One of the trendy places to eat in Birmingham in the 1990s was Café des Artists at the Custard Factory. I invited a young lady there for dinner. There was a long line of different types of salad dressing in bottles at the bar. I went to choose one and gave it a gentle shake as I walked back across the restaurant. Next I knew the top exploded and a jet of dressing shot across the room, hitting the wall behind our table. In the low light and commotion it took the staff a while to work out what had happened before apologising and clearing up. I’m not sure what my date made of me or the evening.