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Buckinghamshire, Dorset, Devon, Cornwall, the Lake District

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Rory Brooke Porthmellon Beach.jpg
Rory Brooke Engine Tower St Agnes Sketch.jpg
Rory Brooke Porthmellon Beach Sketch.jpg
Rory Brooke LAOTY West Wycombe House.jpg
Rory Brooke West Wycombe Park 2.jpg
Rory Brooke Eype Beach Screenprint.jpg
20-07-31 Eype Layers 3 Colour v2.jpg
Rory Brooke Chideock Garden small.jpg
Rory Brooke West Wycombe Park.jpg
Rory Brooke Ruins Lane.jpg
Rory Brooke Ruins Lane 2 small.jpg
Rory Brooke A35 Through Chideock.jpg
Rory Brooke A35 Through Chideock Linocut
Rory Brooke A35 through Chideock.jpg
Rory Brooke St Agnes View.JPG
Rory Brooke St Agnes View Draft .jpg
Rory Brooke, An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
Rory Brooke, Beezars
Rory Brooke, Manderley
Rory Brooke, Wasdale

A Little Story: Night Intruder

Over the last 30 years I have been walking the South West Coast Path. On one of my early trips I camped in a field near Seaton. My rucksack was at the front of the tent. During the night I heard rustling which then went quiet. I wondered if someone had been rifling through my things. I couldn’t immediately find my torch and so reached inside my rucksack to check. Amongst items I felt my hairbrush. Reassured I lay down again but then realised I didn’t have a hairbrush with me.  This time I got my torch and saw a hedgehog had crawled in.  

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