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These pictures are of places I've lived, worked and been on holiday to - Kenya, Pakistan, Ecuador and Peru, Spain and Russia

(Either click on picture or scroll through for more details)

Rory Brooke Camping El Cares.jpg
Rory Brooke, Gare Du Nord.jpg
Rory Brooke, Zorrozaurre
Rory Brooke, Russian Journey
Rory Brooke, Plaza de Independencia Woodcut.jpg
Rory Brooke, Mujer y Fontana
Rory Brooke, Plaza de Independencia Screenprint
Rory Brooke, Chimborazo Etching.jpg
Rory Brooke, Pampa Llamac.jpg
Rory Brooke, Jarkhot Village.jpg
Rory Brooke, Donkey Cart Etching.jpg
Rory Brooke, Clock Tower Etching.jpg
Rory Brooke, Monastery
Rory Brooke, Khansgar Valley Screenprint.jpg
Rory Brooke, Tilicho Lake Etching
Rory Brooke, African Women Linocut.jpg
Rory Brooke, African Drummers Linocut.jpg
Rory Brooke, African Drummers Screenprint
Rory Brooke, Tanga Harbour Screenprint.jpg

A Little Story: Dinner at MIPIM with a Russian Oligarch

I led a team designing new towns on the edge of Moscow for a Russian oligarch. He asked us to present at MIPIM, Europe’s annual property fair in Cannes and the evening before took us to a French sea food restaurant. He thought he ordered a dozen oysters as his starter. A while later the staff brought out 12 dozen oysters for him and more oysters for others, totally almost 200. Only around eight people liked oysters. We gamely ate them up and went on to the main course.  The next morning I thanked our client for the meal. He replied quietly, in a strong Russian accent, a pause between each word, “I hate French waiters”.

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