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Family and Friends

These pictures celebrate my family and friends and explore my identity

Anna Brooke-Ford lino.jpg
Rory Brooke 54 Linocut 30th May 20.jpg
Rory Brooke Gardening SI.jpg
Rory Brooke Gardening Draft v2.jpg
Rory Brooke, Christmas Kitchen.jpg
2009 Isabel and Anna.jpg
Rory Brooke, Isabel and Anna II
Rory Brooke, Anna Elizabeth
Rory Brooke, Pregnancy Screenprin
Rory Brooke, Pregnancy Linocut
Rory Brooke, Isabel in Hackney
Rory Brooke, Isabel Sleeping
Rory Brooke, Tess+Tube

A Little Story: Wedding Faux Pas


I was invited to a university friend’s weddings. It was a big gathering.  I was not familiar with protocol. At the end of the breakfast space was cleared for dancing.  I was up for this and asked others if they wanted to join me. I was slightly puzzled no one immediately agreed. Not deterred I went out. The only other people to come were the bride and groom. The three of us danced the first dance with me jigging around. It was only months later I realised my mistake. We’re still in touch and hopefully they forgave me.

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