Work in Progress

My latest project is a screenprint of the view of a garden and lane in Chideock. It includes the sky icons I'm also using in my East London Waterways series. 

27th July: Chideock Garden Photoshop mock-up, based on a new technique of painting or drawing the layers.

27th July: This is the master painting for the Photoshop image. I took photos as it evolved for each layer

Chideock Garden, 1st layer, 8th August 2020

Chideock Garden, 2nd layer, 8th August

Chideck Garden, 3rd layer, 9th August 2020

Chideck Garden, 5th layer, 31st August 2020

Chideock Garden, 4th layer, 8th August 2020. 

Chideck Garden, 6th layer, 31st August 2020