Work in Progress:

Climate Change Unravelling

This print is a view of parliament from the South Bank at dusk. Its intended to give the feeling that the scene might be under water, as may be the case in a couple of hundred years if the impacts of Climate Change aren't stopped.

This is one of a series of photos I've been taking of parliament viewed from the South Bank with George John Vulliamy designed fish lamp post in the forground.

Sketch coloured in with Photoshop. I'm aiming for a more hazy effect in the screenprint, giving the impression the scene is under water.

1st layer, 7th November 2020

2nd layer, 14th November 2020

3rd layer, 21st November 2020

4th layer, 28th November 2020

5th layer, 28th November 2020

6th layer, 5th December 2020

7th layer, 5th December 2020

8th layer, 12th December 2020

9th layer, 12th December 2020

10th layer, 19th December 2020

11th layer, 19th December 2020